Seed packets are $2.50 CDN each for collected wild, $2.00 CDN each for hand-pollinated and $1.50 CDN each for open-pollinated seed. 
One packet per lot per person. More may be ordered but are subject to availability.

All orders must be on the form provided

- This Seed Exchange will be open to the general public AFTER Feb28, 2006  until  Apr30, 2006 -

Save this seed list for some of the footnote information.



Send all orders to: Sharon Bryson, #407 Old Maryvale Rd., RR#3 Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2L1 CANADA 
Please make your cheque or money order payable to  ‘Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society'.
Add $2.00 CDN for postage & padded envelope. Please list substitutes as quantities for some lots are small.

Please Note the Following Designation : NA (not available)  Updated :  April5, 2008
List will be updated as supplies dictate.


US regulations now require an import permit and a phytosanitary certificate.
Seeds sent to the US will be shipped without a phytosanitory certificate and at the orderer's risk.



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We thank the donors who make this exchange possible


DONORS:   BIR - Jens Birck, Copenhagen, Denmark   BRE - John Brett, Halifax, NS   BRT - Peter Brett, Morris Island, NS   BRU - Joe Brusso, Hopkinton, Mass, USA   CHI - Min Chiang, Charlottetown, PEI  CLY - Bruce Clyburn, New Waterford, NS   COR - Wendy Cornwall, Halifax, NS   CRA - Donald Craig, Kentville, NS   CRE - Mike Creel, Columbia, S.C., USA   DUF - Rosylyn Duffus, Fall River, NS   EVE - Donna Evers, Hammonds Plains, NS   HAR - Joe Harvey, Victoria, BC   HAU - Finn Haugli, Tromso, Norway   HEL - Mary Helleiner, Halifax, NS   JAN - Harry Jans, Loenen, The Netherlands  LOO - Jack Looye, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON  NIE - Jens Nielsen, Glendoick, Scotland   POD - Maria Podor, Halifax, NS   REI -  Wolfgang Reich, Germany   SAN - Jenny Sandison , Mahone Bay, NS   SHA - Ken Shannik, Halifax, NS   STA - Barry Starling, Exeter, Devon, England   THE - Kristian Theqvist, Finland   WEA - John Weagle, Halifax, NS   WEI - Barbara Weinz, West Bath, ME  WIL - Bill Wilgenhof, Antigonish, NS





Rhododendron Species – Collected Wild  - $2.50

001NANIE     adenogynum cw 2002 Haba Shan, Yunnan,

                      China 4100m

002NANIE     clementinae cw 2002 Haba Shan, Yunnan,

                      China 4000m

003NANIE     fictolacteum cw 2002 Haba Shan, Yunnan,

                      China 3650m

004    HEL    hirsutum cw 2004 Switzerland 

005    NIE     oreodoxa (v. oreodoxa ?) cw 2003 Northwest

                      Sichuan, China 3500m

006NANIE    przewalskii - unusual glabrous form - cw      2003

                      Dabanshanense, North Sichuan, China  4100m



Rhododendron Species - Hand-Pollinated  - $2.00

007 NACRA   calendulaceum #1 - Sunnybrook selection,                 

                      orange, 4'x5'     2004 seed                

008  NACRA   calendulaceum #2 - Georgia State Trooper

                      selection. Orange-red, compact   4.5'x4' 2004 seed

009    BIR     camtschaticum Goteborg - will come true

010NA BIR     camtschaticum Kernehuset red - op but does

                      not hybridize  2003 seed

011    CRA   cumberlandense (bakeri)  'Top of the

                      Mountain' - from Beasely Nursery, GA

                      orange-red, late, 3.5’x 4’  2004 seed

012NACRE      eastmanii   eastmanii from layers  2004 seed

013 NACRA    luteum - seedlings from Goteborg Botanical

                      Garden, Sweden, yellow, scented, 6' 2004 seed

014NA    BIR     roxieanum v. oreonastes  x   roxieanum #5

015    WEA  schlippenbachii - large flowered form

016NAWEA  vaseyi  - pink form, do not fertilize seedlings

017    BIR     vernicosum aff. cw F2

018    BIR     wiltonii #1 x  wiltonii #2  2004 seed


Rhododendron Species - Open-Pollinated  - $1.50

019    WEA  brachycarpum Bayport#1 (isolated plant)    2004 sd

020NACLY    calendulaceum - compact form, orange,

                      probably selfed   2004 seed

021    WIL    canadense  (Native Rhodora) - fuchsia

022    WIL    kiusianum - pink forms

023NAWIL    kiusianum - white

024    WIL   maximum

025    WIL    minus Carolinianum Group - pink/white.

026    WIL    mucronulatum  pink form

027NABRU    mucronulatum - semi-dwarf white, isolated

028NASHA   mucronulatum v. chejuense - true seedlings

                      will be small with rounded leaves, others

                      likely crossed with taller form



Rhododendron Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated -$2.00

**           WEA   Elviira x (Fantastica x proteoides) Doi
**          WEA   Elviira x  ochreum

NACLY    'Arctic Snow'   x  rex      †1

030    BIR     [('Bambi' x proteoides)#4 x ("Berg's Yellow"

                      x proteoides)]WB0031  x  citriniflorum ssp.

                      horaeum  F21850  2004 seed

031NAWEA  'Barbara Hall'  x   [(brachycarpum x aureum) x
                        caloxanthum ]  2004 seed

032    WEA  'Barbara Hall'  x  insigne Birck  2004 seed †4

033NAWEA  'Barbara Hall'  x  kesangiae RSF#91-070 †4

                      2004 seed

034NAREI      ('Blue Wonder' x dauricum v. album x

                      prostratum   †2 †3

035    WEA  'Bravo'  x  insigne (Birck) 2004 seed

036    BIR     bureavii Reuthe  x  pachysanthum            

037NABIR     (campylogynum x hypolepidotum)  x

                      (campylogynum x hypolepidotum) 2004 seed

038    WEI    ‘Chesterland’ x  ‘Harold Amateis

039    REI      (cinnabarinum Concatenans Group

                      x 'Pink Drift')

040    REI      cinnabarinum Concatenans Group  x  rigidum

041    REI      cinnabarinum Roylei DF#86059 

                       x  'Dörte Reich  †5                   

042NAREI      cinnabarinum Roylei DF#86059  x oreotrephes  

                            1 pkt.avail.
043    REI      cinnabarinum Roylei DF#86059  x  rigidum

044    REI      cinnabarinum Xanthocodon Group  x  rigidum

045    BIR     'Cunningham White'  x  fortunei

046NATHE    dichroanthum 'Böhmen'  x  brachycarpum  ssp.

                      tigerstedtii         †6

047NABIR    [(dichroanthum x proteoides) x "Berg's 
                      Yellow"]  x  'Goldsprenkl'

048    HAR   degronianum ssp.heptamerum ‘Enamoto’

                      x bureavii

049    HAR   degronianum ssp.heptamerum 'Enamoto’

                      x pachysanthum

050    HAR   degronianum ssp.heptamerum ‘Enamoto’

                      x  pseudochrysanthum 

051    HAR   degronianum ssp.heptamerum ‘Enamoto’

                      x  smirnowii

052    HAR   degronianum ssp.heptamerum  ‘Enamoto’

                      x  tsariense

053NAHAR   degronianum ssp. yakushimanum ‘Exbury’ 

                      x   argyrophyllum    2004seed

054    REI      ('Dora Amateis' x moupinense)

                      x  dendrocharis C.#5106   †7

055    REI      'Dörte Reich'  x  oreotrephes

056    REI      'Dörte Reich'  x  rigidum

057    REI      'Dörte Reich'  x  russatum hybrid (blue)

058    THE     'Falling Snow'  x  'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'    8  10




059    BIR     'Fantastica'  x  pachysanthum

060    BIR     flinckii Type Form RBGE

                      x  pachysanthum WB  2004 seed

061NAWEA  'Francesca'  x  'Tantramar'  2004 seed

062    BIR     'Goldsauber'  x  ('Norph' x 'Goldprinz')        

063    THE    'Haaga'  x  'Hydon Velvet '    †9 †11

064    CLY    'Haaga'  x  williamsianum †9

065    THE    'Hachmann’s Charmant'  x   brachycarpum ssp.

                      tigerstedtii     12  

066    REI      'Hotei'  x  (wardii x macabeanum)

067    THE    'Kullervo'  x  'Hydon Velvet'  †11 †13  

068NACLY    'Kullervo'  x  fortunei   13

069    BIR     'Lucinda'  x  (wardii x dichroanthum v.


070    BIR     'Lucinda'  x  ('Norph’ x ‘Goldprinz')  †14

071NABIR     makinoi  x  bureavii     

072    WEI    ‘Orange Honey’ x ‘Bali

073NABIR     'Paprika Spiced'  x  proteoides R151 RBGE

                      2004 seed

074 NA   THE    'Pekka'  x  'Hydon Velvet '   †11 †15 

075    THE    'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'  x  campylocarpum v.

                      elatum 10

076    THE    'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'  x  haematodes hybrid †10

077NATHE    'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'  x  'Hydon Velvet' †10 †11

078NATHE    'P.M.A. Tigerstedt'  x  rex †10

079    BIR     'Preusans Gloria'  x  fortunei

080    LOO    'Purple Reign'  x  'Blue Baron'

081    REI      [('Razorbill' x 'Laurin') x (concatenans x 'Pink

                      Drift')]  x  cinnabarinum Roylei DF#86059 16

082    REI      [('Razorbill' x 'Laurin') x (cinnabarinum

                      Concatenans Group x 'Pink Drift')]  x  rigidum

083NAREI      [('Razorbill' x 'Laurin') x (cinnabarinum

                      Concatenans Group x 'Pink Drift' )] x  russatum hybrid (blue)17

084    BIR     recurvoides Windsor  x  sutchuenense

085    WEI    ‘Summer Snow’ x ‘Cloud Nine

086    BIR     'Top Banana'   x  'Lucinda'

087NAREI      wardii L&S#5679  x  (yakushimanum x

                      dichroanthum) orange

088    BIR     watsonii Hummel  x  pratti  2004 seed

089    WEI    ‘Wheatley’ x ( bureavii x yak)

090    REI      (yakushimanum x chamaethomsonii) red smalled leafed clone  - selfed

091NABIR     yakushimanum 'Schneekissen'  x

                      nikkomontanum Kernehuset 

092NABIR     yakushimanum 'Schneekissen'  x  rex

extra-  BIR      (Top Banana x viscidifolium) x (Norph x Goldprinz)


Rhododendron Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50

093NAREI      (cinnabarinum Xanthocodon Group x

                      primuliflorum Cephalanthoides Group)

094    WEA  R. mucronulatum ('Woodland Pink' x 'Cornell


095    WIL    'Haaga' - extremely hardy Finnish hybrid, 

                      dark rosy-pink

096    WIL    'Nepal' - hardy, pink buds opening white

097    WIL    'Red River' - very late red, R. maximum hybrid

098    CHI     'Sandra Hinton' - [brachycarpum Tigerstedii

              Group x (smirnowiiyakushimanum)] -

                      extremely hardy

099    WIL    seedling aka "Ivory Cloud" from ARS92-608

                      - large outfacing ivory blooms, no winter

                      damage in recent harsh winters   † 18

100    WIL    best yellow seedling from ARS92-608 -

                      good non-fading yellow  18



Azalea Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated - $2.00

101NACRA   (bakeri x arborescens) Craig hybrid

                      selection, orange-red, 3-5', late. 2004 seed

102    THE    'Schneegold'  x  'Aprikot '  †19 †20

103NAWEI    ‘Garden Party' x ‘Jolie Madame’

104NA THE    'Golden Lights' x   'Aprikot'  †20 †21 

105    THE    'Golden Lights'  x  'Sunte Nectarine'  †21 †22

106    WEI    R. japonicum, pale orange form x

                      Exbury type, light yellow

107NAWEI    R. narcissiflora x Exbury type, light yellow



Azalea Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50

108    WIL    Seedlings from a ‘Homebush’ cross, many

                       pink forms

109    WIL    Unnamed- large white flowers- yellow blotch

110    WIL    Unnamed - yellow Mix - large & small flowers

111    WIL    Unnamed scarlet, large flowers

112    WIL    Deciduous mix - coral, white, pink &

                      yellow shades   FREE


Companion Plants - Open-Pollinated - $1.50

113    SAN   Acanthus hungaricus  (Bear’s Breeches) - Per.

114    BRE    Acer japonica  (Japanese Maple)  - Tree

                      vigorous, 20’ x 30’- good red foliage

115    SHA   Actaea asiatica (Asian Black Baneberry) -

                      Similar to A. spicata but with shorter racemes.

                      Poisonous. - Perennial

116    SHA  Actaea spicata (Black Baneberry) - Panicles of

                      creamy-white fragrant flowers followed by

                      shiny black fruit. Poisonous. - Perennial   

117    SHA   Beschorneria species ex cw Mexico Seed -

                      Tender Perennial

118    WIL    Buddleia davidii (Butterfly Bush) - best purple,

                      easy from seed, blooms in the first year,

                      arching habit, late. - Shrub          

119    HEL     Cardiocrinum giganteum - Lily relative, very

                      fragrant large tubular flowers, large spade-

                      shaped leaves. Tender but has been over-

                      wintered in southend Halifax with protection

                      - Bulb              

120    WIL    Catalpa ovata (Chinese catalpa) - creamy

                      white flowers, blooms at young age, 35-40'

                      - Tree

121NAWIL    Ceratotheca triloba (South African Foxglove)

                      - white to pale mauve flowers,  3' +/-  - Annual

122    BRE    Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - Lawson's False

                      Cypress - emerald green form - Conifer

123    SHA   Cimicifuga racemosa 'Hillside Black Beauty'

                      (Black Snakeroot) - Very dark foliage and

                      fragrant white flowers in late summer. 5'(1.5m)

                      - Perennial

124    SHA   Clematis koreana - similar to C. alpina, dark

                      purple flowers - Vine

125    WIL    Clematis recta 'Purpurea' - purple foliage,

                        white flowers, herbaceous - Perennial

126    HAU   Cremanthodium reniforme         

                        Yellow – Perennial   †27

127    SHA   Cyclamen graecum - tender, requires a bright,

                      cool, frost-free winter location - Bulb  23

128NASHA   Cyclamen hederifolium 'Bowles Apollo' - Bulb 


129    SHA   Cyclamen mirabile 'Tilebarn Jan' - tender,

                      requires a bright, cool, frost-free winter

                      location - Bulb  23       

130    SHA   Cyclamen pseudibericum ‘Roseum’ - tender,

                      requires a bright, cool, frost-free winter

                      location - Bulb   †23

131    SHA   Diphylleia cymosa  (Umbrella Leaf ) - large,

                      bold foliage, white flowers, blue berries - Per.

132NADUF    Dracocephalum argunense - 30cm, lovely blue 

                      flowers, July, aromatic foliage - Perennial

133NAWEA  Enkianthus campanulatus v. sikkokianus   HP -

                      dark red flowers, brilliant red fall foliage 25

134    WEI    Enkianthus campanulatus  OP 20yr. plant

                      Twice as wide as tall, brilliant fall colour.

135    WIL    Eremurus robustus (Foxtail Lily) - show-

                      stopping tall spikes of white/pink flowers

                      in July, 7-9' - Perennial

136    SHA   Eryngium bourgatii - Grey-green foliage with

                      white veins. Blue green thistle flowers.

                      Compact and showy but slow. To 18". - Per.

137    WIL    Exochorda x macrantha (Pearlbush) - white

                      blooms in late spring, ~4' - Shrub

138    WIL    Geranium pratensis 'Okey Dokey' - purple

                      foliage, blue flowers ~12" - Perennial

139    SHA   Galtonia viridiflora - Green pendulous flower

                      in August, great combined with Crocosmias 

                      - Tender Bulb

140 NAHEL    Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’ (Witchhazel) -

                      Copper-coloured  twisted petals, ~15' x 15'

                      - Tree 24

141    WIL    Hosta ‘Frances Williams’ - green/ivory large

                      crinkled leaves, large - Perennial

142NAWIL    Hosta ‘June’ - striped blue-green edging on

                     brighter green leaf - small plant  - Perennial

143    WIL    Hosta sieboldiana - large crinkled blue

                      leaves, white flowers - Perennial

144    SHA   Lilium henryi - Waxy orange flowers with

                      green center and reflexed petals. Arching

                      stems. - Bulb

145    POD    Lobelia siphilitica (Great Blue Lobelia) - blue

                      flowers, ~3', favours moist rich soil - Perennial

146NACOR    Magnolia kobus hybrid -  white flowers, well-

                       shaped tree - hyb. by J.Harvey - Tree 26

147NAWIL    Magnolia stellata - dwarf form, white 

                     flowers - Tree †26

148    COR    Magnolia sieboldii - Tree  †26

149    WEA  Magnolia  sieboldii - from cw. Korean seed,

                      white with pink stamens. Large   flowered and

                      vigorous - Tree  †26

150    BRT    Magnolia sprengeri 'Diva' - spectacular pink

                     flowers but borderline hardy/from Morris

                      Island. - Tree †26

151    HAU   Meconopsis delevayi - Perennial                27

152    HAU   Meconopsis  pseudointegrifolia - yellow -


153    HAU   Meconopis  punicea - red - Biennial  27

154    WIL    Paeonia lactiflora (Garden Peony) - OP seeds

                      from many named cultivars - Perennial

155    SHA   Paeonia paradoxa (officianalis ssp villosa) -

                      Single bright fuchsia pink flowers with blue-

                      green foliage, 18-24" - Perennial

156    WIL    Papaver miyabeanum ( Alpine Poppy) - Dwarf,

                      yellow flowers, short-lived - Perennial

157    JAN    Physoplexis comosus - Alpine

158    DUF    Platycodon grandiflorus  Dwarf Form - Large

                      purple balloon flowers on short plant for

                      rock garden - Perennial

159    EVE     Podophyllum  hexandrum (Chinese May

                      Apple) - New leaves marbled with brown, up-

                      facing pink flowers  2-3' high. - Perennial

160    JAN    Primula  longipes - Perennial  27

161    SHA   Rodgersia  sambucifolia    (Featherleaf

                      Rodgersia) - white - Perennial

162    WIL    Rudbeckia subtomentosa ( Sweet Black-eyed

                      Susan) -  single golden flowers with brown

                      centers, late blooming, ~5' - Perennial

163    JAN    Saxifraga  longifolia  Alpine - Silvery, grey-

                      green leaves in a rosette, single flower stalk

                      with ~80 star-shaped white flowers, in summer.

                       8"w - 24"h

164    SHA   Serratula  coronata  Dwarf Form - Late

                      blooming "Thistle" with showy creamy-white

                      flowers late in summer. 12" high. - Perennial

165    WEI  NA  Stewartia pseudocamellia   Interesting

                       peeling bark. Tree 20 -40Ft

166    SHA   Veratrum  nigrum  (False Helleborine) - Bold

                      pleated foliage with stalks of small dark

                      flowers. Requires moisture in rich soil. To 5'

                      high. - Perennial

167    HAR   Yucca filamentosa   ( Adam’s Needle) Ht~3Ft

                       white flowers on tall stalks (>6Ft) May need

                       winter protection OP


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†1.     'Arctic Snow' =  R. maximum, white

x brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii

†2.     Pollen parent with very dark violet flowers          

†3.     Seed parent has flowers similar to Cheju but earlier

          and plant is dwarfer.

†4.     'Barbara Hall' = 'Road Red' x 'Prelude'

†5.     'Dörte Reich' = minus Carolinianum Group x

          cinnabarinum ssp. xanthocodon Concatenans


†6.     dichroanthum 'Böhmen' - a selected form of 

          with orange flowers, quite hardy.

†7.     Seed parent is a very unusual white with tubular

          sharp-pointed petals, plant at 9 yrs. 30cm high x 40cm


†8.     'Falling Snow' - a very hardy yak hybrid

†9.     'Haaga' - a super hardy Finnish brachycarpum ssp. 

         tigerstedtii hybrid

†10.   'P.M.A. Tigerstedt' - also known as 'Peter Tigerstedt',

          a super hardy Finnish brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii

         x catawbiense var. album 'Glass' hybrid

†11.   'Hydon Velvet'  - a yakushimanum x bureavii hybrid,  

          beautiful compact growth, good indumentum

†12.   'Hachmann's Charmant' - especially colorful flowers

†13.   'Kullervo' - a super hardy Finnish brachycarpum ssp. 

         tigerstedtii x yakushimanum hybrid, seeds germinate

         better when cold stratified for 2 - 3 weeks             

†14.   'Norph' = ['Nancy Evans' x ('Virginia Richards' x

          'Lackamus Spice')] 4', 5°F, code name from

          Thompson’s for plant not yet named. Beautiful

          reddish buds open to fantastic large yellow flowers;

          leaves spectacular shiny dark green     

†15.   'Pekka' - a super hardy Finnish brachycarpum ssp.

          tigerstedtii x ( smirnowii Seidel hybrid ) - strong growth   

†16.   Seed parent has flower form & plant habit of 

          R. cinnabarinum

†17.   Goal - a blue cinnabarinum type?

†18.   ARS92-608 = {[('Big Deal' x 'Donna Hargrove')

                    x ('Golden Star' x 'Catalgla')] x wardii}

†19.   'Schneegold' - large white flowers with yellow blotch

†20.   'Aprikot' - a new introduction from Hachmann, a very

          colourful azalea

†21.   'GoldenLights'  - super hardy yellow azalea from


†22.   'Sunte Nectarine' - a beautiful yellow azalea

†23.   Cyclamen germination - Stratification not req'd, seed

          germinates best at 55-60F. Soak 2 days in soapy

          water, wash thoroughly, surface sow & cover with

          a thin layer of grit. Keep in the dark.

†24.   'Jelena' (syn. 'Copper Beauty') - Multi-coloured

          petals from a distance appear coppery coloured but          
          are actually red at the base, orangish in the middle

          and yellow at the tips. Sweetly fragrant. Orange-red

          fall colour.      

†25.   An Ericaceous shrub - sow as per rhododendrons.

†26.   Magnolia seed has been partially stratified. Store in

          fridge in plastic packet as received until March/April

          then sow in warm soil.

†27.   Meconopsis, Primula & Cremanthodium seed is

         ephemeral and should be sown immediately,

         then kept cold until spring.   

  FREE- To order only  free seeds send $2 CDN for postage   &  envelope as per regular instructions.


1.       Open-pollinated species, with the exception of a very few, may not come true from seed. Cultivars, with the exception of a few perennials do not come true. Plants from these seeds should not be labelled as being that species or cultivar. Be sure that you label the plants as being ‘OP’ in the case of species and ‘ex’ in the case of cultivars.

2. See the RSCAR Members’ Handbook for an article on growing rhododendrons from seed.
    The article can also be found on the Atlantic Rhodo website.
    Growing Rhododendrons from Seed, the Easy Way is here on this site.

We have  a version of a slide show  "Growing Rhododendrons from Seed" here on our website.
It is a modified Power Point show, and is usually BEST viewed with Internet Explorer as browser.
Frames used do not seem to be properly supported by Netscape.   
There are some losses in quality in the "translation", but the salient features are there and hopefuly provide some helpful hints to those needing to gain experience in growing Rhododendrons.
Anyone who might wish to have a copy of the actual presentation may send their name, address and five(5) $.51 stamps to us, and we will send a copy on CD. This offer will have to be in CANADA only, since foreign stamps just won't work. We really do not wish to deal with currency! 
Address - Sharon Bryson, #407 Old Maryvale Rd., RR#3 Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2L1 CANADA
or contact us  via email

3.       When sowing rhododendrons on peat we recommend you sterilize it first. Microwave it for 15 minutes or pour boiling water through it several times and allow to cool.

4.      We would like to thank the seed donors for their time and effort making crosses, collecting and cleaning seeds. We would also like our membership to take note of the types of seeds donated this year. We highly encourage members to attempt their own hybridization of rhododendrons. Seed of uncommon trees, shrubs and perennials is always most welcome.

5.   A note on seed storage- Most Rhododendron and Azalea seed can be stored for a long time if stored in an air tight glass jar in the refrigerator. Seed obtained this late winter-early spring can safely be stored until the fall and sown then.

      Seedlings grown inside over the winter achieve a better size for adapting to outdoor growing conditions.




Updated :  April5, 2008