The 2011 Spring Plant Sale
is scheduled for Sat. May14th & Sun. May15th
10 AM - 4 PM
A tentative listing of plants we plan to have for sale.  Specific types within categories are subject to change - updates will be done every day or two prior to the sale. Numbers will also be variable.
In spite of rather inclement weather this year, we have managed to get most things accomplished.

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  More-or-Less Representative List of Available Plants / Subject to CHANGE!
  NAME Common Name / Comment
  Aconitum (Monkshood)  Purple-Blue shades, early & late
Ajuga sp.(Bugle Weed) Purple leaf form Use as a ground cover
  Allium, purple

Anemone, Japanesepink, vigorous, fall bloomer

Anemone, Japanese white form, blooms in September
  Aquilegia species Pink or Blue
  Aquilegia, 'Irish Elegance' white with green flecks,
  Astilbe pink, quite dwarf

  Azaleas- available in several sizes & colours
  Azalea-   several species , some late blooming
Some R. luteum, a yellow with small florets; R. prinophyllum, has pink flowers. There are a couple of interspecies hybrids.
See link for a few pics

Begonia grandis
Unusual tuberous form. Beautiful foliage and
pink flowers

Tubers started for June transplant

  Buddleia davidii  Butterfly Bush/ Purple
Buddleia davidii  Butterfly Bush, White Bouquet

Buddleia davidii , Lo & Behold Blue Chip dwarf variety, may be grown in a large planter.
 May need special overwintering attention.
very few
  Campanula glomerata,   BLUE  Clustered bellflower
  Campanula glomerata,   WHITEClustered bellflower
  Campanula latifolia  White  bellflower
Clematis recta Herbaceous form, many white flowers ~July
Clematis recta, purpurea Similar to above, purple foliage in early season

Corydalis lutea few , yellow
Corydalis nobilisearly blooming yellow, dormant in summer ~ 16-18"

  Daylily selection of seedlings, mostly yellow, few bi-colour
and pink.Good choices for a mass planting.

Daylily, Dublin Elaine

pink, semi-double, quite late. Great plant.

Daylily, Rosy Returns

Pink, rebloomer, somewhat dwarf. 

Daylily, 'Pardon Me'

burgundy-red, sm. florets, late
  Daylily 'Strawberry Candy' pink with darker eye zone
  Daylily, 'Hyperion' Yellow, quite a tall plant
Daylily, Ice Carnivalwhite,very floriferous, large florets
  Daylily, 'Silk 'n Honey' Large golden yellow florets, heavy substance
  Daylily, 'Strawberry Ice' late blooming medium Pink
  Daylily, unnamed burnt orange, very floriferous
  Daylily, unnamed Bicolor / alternate yellow & burgundy flare
  Daylily, unnamed dark red, spidery blooms, quite late
  Daylily  'Ivory Hybrid' Ivory with purple ring in throat, medium size
  Daylily 'Potentate' tall, handsome, Burgundy
  Daylily, unnamed Lemon Yellow, large florets.
Daylily, Summer WIneLavender shade, mid season
  Deutzia Shrub. June flowering. White
  Dicentra spectabilis, pink Old Fashioned  Bleeding Heart
  Dicentra excimia / pink  fringed Bleeding Heart
  Digitalis purpurea Foxgloves (mostly pink forms) Tall biennial
  Doronicum austriacum  Leopard's Bane( tall ,late)Yellow Needs to be dead-headed to prevent excessive "seeding off"
   Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower
Echinops exaltatusGlobe thistle, very large plant. Prone to seeding off
  Euonymus, variegated Evergreen Shrub, groundcover type
  Euonymus, 'Sunspot' variegated green with gold centre, quite compact form
Euonymus eleta, Winged Euonymusshrub renowned for red fall colour
  Euphorbia polychroma,  Cushion  Spurge
   February Daphne Shrub/  purple. Very early & fragrant
  Filipendula sp. Queen of the Prairie, white, tall, beautiful foliage
  Filipendula sp. pale pink, medium height
  Geranium pratense ex 'Splish Splash', white with violet streaks 2+Ft.

Geranium sanguineum
White form, mounding habit

Geranium sanguineum, striatum
Pale pink to white with pink stripes

  Gooseberry bears large fruit, that are green when ripe

Herb - Chocolate Mint
good culinary mint,  best grown in a container
  Herb- Ornamental Oregano  Golden Oregano, attractive foliage
  Herb - OrnamentalOregano  Hopley's  Purple, flowers late in season
  Heliopsis sp. tall, yellow
  Hibiscus shrub, pink or white, blooms late in the season.
Hosta sieboldiannaLarge, crinkly blue-green leaves
  Hydrangea arborescens  'Annabelle', & 'Grandiflora' Shrub, white flowers. 'Grandiflora' has very large blooms
  Hydrangea grandiflora 'PeeGee' Large conical trusses. White changing to pink in late summer. Very few!
Hydrangea, Endless Summer Blue or Pink depending upon soil pH
  Hydrangea macrophylla, 'Nikko Blue' large blue blooms, plant needs quite a protected site.
Hydrangea grandiflora var.? Floribunda exact name unknown, very similar to PeeGee,
bigger florets in the truss
Hydrangea serrata 'Bluebird' quite hardy , flat blue truss mid summer, few
  Iris, bearded a short early Purple, short  Yellow, mid ht. Violet
  Iris, bearded Edward of Windsor, early peach
Iris, beardedImmortality, white with a hint of blue
Iris ensantaJapanese iris, later than others. White with purple streaks.
Tolerates a wet location
  Siberian Iris- Blue , White Blue 
  Siberian Iris- 'Pink Haze'
lovely pink form, a few only

Siberian Iris- 'Velvet Ruffles'
   Iris Pseudacorus,, Yellow Flag Iris tall yellow, moisture loving, vigorous
  Iris variegata yellow with brownish streaks, quite compact
  Kerria , japanese Shrub, Orange flower, attractive green stems
Kolwitzia (Beauty Bush) Tall shrub, blooms late June/ Pink
  Lady's Mantle(Alchemilla sp.) good foliage  plant, chartreuse flowers
  Lamium- 'White Nancy' ground cover , white flowers/semi-shade
Leucothoe fontaneisiana, Drooping LeucothoeSpreading evergreen shrub, wider than tall. Handsome 
leathery foliage, white flowers in spring.
  Lilac, purple  Shrub
Lilium martagonPink, very early bloom
  Lilium  'Tiger' Tall, orange
  Lily of the Valley Aggressive ground-cover
  Lobelia siphilitica, Great Blue Lobelia Blue, late summer. Prefers rich, moist soil. May be a few of the white form
   Lysmachia clethroides Goose-neck loosestrife, white. Watch it doesn’t wander.
  Lysmachia  Yellow  loosestrife, not a spreader.
  Magnolia - various TREE, a few only
  Miscanthus sinensis 'Floridus' Handsome giant grass. ~9Ft. Modest spread. A warm weather grass that is perfectly hardy, but may not bloom. Slow to emerge.
  Monarda didyma Bee Balm / Red,  Pink , Pale Pink
   Nepeta faessinii catmint,  blue slightly spreading , low form. Handsome companion for roses.
  Oenothera Evening primrose/ Yellow
  Papaver orientalis 
 Oriental Poppy/ red.
  PEONY A selection of peonies grown from seed.
Not all ID'd wrt color. Not many this year.
Peonia suffruticosa var. spontaneaTree peonies, seed grown. About 4 years old.
Bloom time unknown...a few only

mixed colours, plus specific colors below

Red, White, Bluish
  Phlox Late blooming PINK
  Phlox med. pink, light blotch
  Phlox  Fuchsia
  Plum trees Purple Italian type
   Pulmonaria  Bethlehem Sage / early Pink/Blue flowers on spotted foliage
  Rhododendron carolinianum Evergreen, med-leaf.  Appleblossom pink-white flower
  Rhododendron hybrids  semi-mature plants grown from seed, exact colors mostly unknown. Many grown for good foliage.
This years plants are quite large and well budded. They do have the disadvantage of having been crowded, but they will look less leggy in a year.
  Rhododendron mucronulatum,   Deciduous, very early/ Pink 

Rhododendron mucronulatum , v. taguetti
Dwarf, pink, early

  Rhubarb Good heavy roots from our "patch"
Rose selction is limited wrt to numbers, perhaps only a couple of most.
  Rose, 'Blanc de Coubert' Hardy white shrub
  Hardy Pink rambler semi-double pink flowers

Rose, 'Henry Hudson'
hardy shrub, pale pink buds open white

Rose, Dorothy Perkins
pink rambler, vigorous. late

Rose, 'Goldbusch' peachy flowers, spreading shrub, could use support
Rose, 'Koningen von Danemark' Old variety, quartered pink flowers, fragrant
   Rudbeckia subtomentosa sweet brown-eyed Susan, tall/late
  Scilla siberica Blue, spring blooming bulb, naturalizes with ease.
  Sedum Autumn Joy'  Pink plus a variegated foliage form
  Sedum Yellow. Low creeping form
  Solomon's Seal Shade loving, white bloom, interesting foliage form
  Spirea 'Anthony Waterer' Shrub.  Fuchsia  flower/Short
  Stachys byzantina  Lamb's Ears  / gray foliage 
  Sweet Woodruff low growing ground cover, small white flowers, spreads quite rapidly
  Trollius Globeflower, yellow early bloomer
  Viola,Johnny Jump Ups  viola
  Viola, early purple First viola to bloom, may be used as a groundcover
   Vinca minor Ground-cover , blue flowers
Wiegela , dark red Shrub, early summer bloom
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