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Seed packets are $2.50 CDN each for collected wild, $2.00 CDN each for hand-pollinated and $1.50 CDN each for open-pollinated seed. One packet per lot per person. More may be ordered but are subject to availability.

All member orders must be on the form provided and should be received by February 29, 2012. Save this seed list for some of the footnote information.

This Exchange is open to everyone from March1, 2012 until April30, 2012.

The list will be updated peridically as to availability. Seed lots NOT AVAILABLE will have a strikethrough.

Download Order Form and mail to address below.


Send all orders to: Sharon Bryson, #407 Old Maryvale Rd., RR#3 Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2L1 CANADA  

Please make your cheque or money order payable to ‘Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society’. Add $2.00 CDN for postage & padded envelope. Please list substitutes as quantities for some lots are small.


US regulations now require an import permit and a phytosanitary certificate. Seeds sent to the US will be shipped without a phytosanitary certificate and at the orderer’s risk.





DONORS:   BIR - Jens Birck, Copenhagen, Denmark   BUT - King Butler, Wolfville, NS  CLA - Chris Clarke, Liverpool, NS

CLY - Bruce Clyburn, New Waterford, NS   COR - Wendy Cornwall, Halifax, NS  EVE - Donna Evers, Halifax, NS  

HIN - Brent Hine, Vancouver, BC  LOO - Jack Looye, Niagara on the Lake, ON  OST -  Walter Ostrum, Lunenburg, NS 

SHA - Ken Shannik, Halifax, NS  STE - Dennis Steubig, Timberlea, NS   THE - Kristian Theqvist, Finland   WEA - John Weagle, Halifax, NS 

WIL - Bill Wilgenhof, Antigonish, NS  



Rhododendron Species - Collected Wild  - $2.50


001    THE    R. tomentosum †1


Rhododendron Species - Hand Pollinated  - $2.00


002    CLY    R. brachycarpum v. tigerstedtii

                      RSF 82/109 ex. Mustila Arboretum

003    WEA  R. camtschaticum, pink-purple, vigorous form

                      (2010 seed)

004    WEA  R. carolinianum (Barbara Hall's best),

                      Sibbed (2010 seed)        

005    CLY    R. luteum ‘Lindquist’ form via Donald Craig



Rhododendron Species - Open-Pollinated  - $1.50


006    WIL    R. albrechtii, early deciduous species

                      Bright cherry red bloom

007    CRA   R. calendulaceum (2010 seed)    

008    CRA   R. cumberlandense ‘Top of the Mountain’

                      (2010 seed)

009    BIR     R. dendrocharis

010    SHA   Rhododendron diversipilosumMilky Way’ OP

                      (was Ledum palustre)

011    THE    R. hypoleucum †2

012    WEA  R. kiusianum, mixed selections light pink, dark

                      pink, purple, lavender, red/orange, white.

                      Fairly isolated so a high percentage will be

                      kiusianum itself  (2010 seed)

013    COR    R. luteum, early yellow, fragrant azalea

014    WIL    R. maximum, pinker form

015    WEA  R. minus, Carolinianum Group, Bayport robust

                      ex Jackson’s, isolated so should come true.

                      (2010 seed)

016    WEA  mucronulatum v. tagguetii (Cheju), quite


017    WIL    R. mucronulatum, pink

018    WIL    R. mucronulatum, white form

019    SHA   R. schlippenbachii, good pink form          

020    SHA   R. vaseyi ‘White Find’, doesn’t cross with other

                      species (2010 seed)



Rhododendron Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated -$2.00


021    BIR     (‘Bambi’ x proteioides) #15 x ‘Gedser Gold’

                      (aim yellow)

022    CLY    R. catawbiense Boursault x ‘Holli '

023    CLY    ‘Flautando’ x ‘Bohmen’  (pic)

024    CLY    R. fortunei x R. discolor RSF 82/140 

025    CLY    R. fortunei x ‘Great Eastern’ 

026    BIR     ‘Goldsprenkel’ x (‘Bambi’ x proteioides) #15

                      (aim yellow)

027    BIR     R. hanceanum v. nanum Rowallane x

                      ‘Tessa Dane’

028    BIR     R. hanceanum v. nanum Rowallane x

                      R. trichostomum (pink)

029    CLY    ‘Hardy Giant’ x ‘Babylon’ 

030    THE    ‘Helsinki University†3 x R. fortunei ‘Best

                      Form’ †4 (2010 seed)   

031    CLY    ‘Janet Blair’ x ‘Christina Dee

033    CLY    ‘Janet Blair’ x ‘Goldprinz†5      

034    CLY    ‘Lavender Princess’ x ‘Holli’

035    CLY    ‘My Jane’ x ‘Nancy Steele†6 ( 'My Jane' is a hybrid developed by  Allan & Shirley Anderson)

036    BIR     ‘Nancy Evans’ x (‘Bambi’ x proteioides) #15

                      (aim yellow)

037    BIR     (‘Top Banana’ x proteioides) x citriniflorum

                      ssp. Horaeum (aim yellow/orange)

038    THE    ‘Mikkeli’ †7 x ‘Bohmen†8  †23

039    THE    ‘Mikkeli’ x ‘Cherry Kiss†9  †23

040    THE    ‘Mikkeli’ x ‘Goldsworth Orange†10 †23

041    CLY    ‘Sandra Hinton’ x ‘Barbara Cook†11     

042    CLY    ‘Sandra Hinton’ x ‘Christina Dee’

043    CLY    ‘Sandra Hinton’ x ‘Goldprinz’

044    CLY    ‘Sandra Hinton’ x ‘Night Music’ 

                      (Night Music = Jonathan Shaw X Black Adder)

Rhododendron Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50


045    WIL    ‘Nepal’, hardy white from pink buds

046    WIL    ‘Red River’, very late red, R. maximum hybrid

047    WIL    seedling  from ARS92#608, aka “Best Yellow

048    WIL    seedling from ARS92#765, aka “Ruby Lemon

                      (‘Janet Blair’ x ‘Barbara Cook’)

049    WIL    seedling from ARS97#671, complex ‘Cat’s

                      Pajamas’ cross, compact apricot/yellow,

                      some doubling. †12

050    WIL    seedling from ARS00#555, ‘Janet Blair’ x

                      R. pachysanthum, early blooming, great foliage

051    WIL    seedling from PW#3, ‘Janet’s Fantasy’ x

                      ‘Big Deal’ Vivid yellow with dark

                      burgundy blotch

052    THE    R. tomentosum x R.groenlandicum  †13

053    THE    R. tomentosum x R. diversipilosum ‘Milky Way’     †14                                     


Azalea Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50


054    WEA  ‘Baby Dane’, evergreen azalea, crossed with

                      various dwarf Weagle hybrids

055    WIL    Unnamed azalea seedling from ARHS’01#74

                      (R.arborescens x R.cumberlandense),

                      Late blooming pink, very fragrant

056    WIL    Unnamed azalea seedling from ARS2001#539,

                       (R. cumberlandense) scarlet/orange, late

057    WIL    Unnamed seedling from ‘Homebush’ x ‘Mt. St.

                      Helen’s’, raspberry with golden blotch

058    WIL    Unnamed seedling from ‘Homebush’ x

                      unnamed yellow, large peach florets

059    WIL    Unnamed azalea seedling small yellow florets vivid fall foliage (likely

                      luteum mix)

060    WIL    seeds from a variety of unnamed pink azaleas

                      (‘Homebush’ x unnamed pink)

061    WIL    Deciduous azalea, mix - FREE


Companion Plants - Open-Pollinated - $1.50


062    SHA   Aconitum fischeri (a few only) blue flowers in

                        late fall, sturdy - Per

063    SHA   Aconitum japonicum, blue flowers on arching

                        stems in late summer - Per

064    SHA   Allium beesianum, diminutive blue species for

                      trough or rock garden, 4" - Bulb

065    SHA   Allium cernuum - clusters of nodding pink

                      flowers, 12-16" - Bulb

066    SHA   Allium lineare - pale pink flowers in tight balls,

                        12-14" - Bulb

067    SHA   Aquilegia clematiflora - pale pink,

                      multipetalled and spurless, 18" - Perennial

068    WIL    Aquilegia sp. ‘Black Barlow’ Dark

                        purple ~30”  - Per                                        

069    SHA   Arisaema triphylla , Jack-in-the- Pulpit - Bulb

070    SHA   Beesia deltoides, evergreen groundcover            

                        Likely zone 6 - Per

071    STE     Belamcanda chinensis, Leopard Lily - Bulb

072    WEA  Brimeura amethystine, Brimeura is a small bulbous genus

                       in the Hyacinthaceae family - Bulb           

073    SHA   Clematis flammula - white, late summer,

                      fragrant. Can be cut back hard. - Vine

074    SHA   Clematis viorna, small, thick, purple-pink

                        urn- shaped flowers Herbaceaous - Per  

075    WIL    Cornus kousa chinensis. Pink, early flowering

                        Beautiful burgundy fall foliage - Small Tree


076    WIL    Cornus kousa, (? var.) white early flowering

                        - Small tree  †15

077    WIL    Cornus kousa,  (? var.) white, late flowering

                        - Small Tree †15

078    SHA   Cornus mas, Cornelian Cherry- yellow flowers

                        in early spring followed by red fruit. - Tree

079    SHA   Deinanthe bifida, Blue, 18"(.45m), part shade,

                        hydrangea relative - Per

080    SHA   Diphylleia cymosa Bold foliage plant for moist                      

                      part shade. Small white flowers followed by                            

                      dark blue berries held above foliage - Per 16

081    COR    Enkianthus campanulatus, upright ericaceaous                    

                      shrub, brilliant fall colour - Shrub

082    SHA   Fuschia thymifolia, tiny pink flowers, tiny

                        foliage. - Shrub (tender)                             

083    HIN     Gaultheria ovatifolia (Western teaberry) BAH#

                      11-060 c.w Manning Park, BC ~12” -Per    

084    WEA  Gunnera manicata. Gigantic perennial,

                      requires winter protection - Per

085    COR    Halesia monticola (Mountain Silverbell)

                      White flowers followed by winged

                      Fruit  - Tree to 30Ft.

086    SHA   Helleborus argutifolius, green flowered, may

                      grow quite large compared to other Hellebores

                      Probably zone 6 - Per †17

087    SHA   Hippophae rhamnoides - (Sea-Buckthorn)

                      Yellow-orange berries - Shrub  †18

088    SHA   Iris graminea - (Plum Iris) - Perennial

089    WIL    Kalmia latifolia, OP pink - Shrub

090    WIL    Kalmia latifolia ‘Pinwheel’ OP - Shrub

091    WIL    Leucothoe fontaneisiana (Drooping leucothoe)

                      Handsome evergreen shrub, broader than tall

                      Small white flowers in spring - Shrub

092    EVE     Lilium canadense, Orange, downward facing

                      blooms, whorled leaves- Bulb  †19

093    WIL    Lilium canadense, Orange, downward facing

                      blooms, whorled leaves- Bulb  †19

094    SHA   Lilium kesselringii,    - Bulb  †19

095    WIL    Lilium martagon  White drooping recurved                            

                      blooms, earliest lily - Bulb  †19 

                       A mix of pink and white forms is available if desired

096    WEA  Lilium mackliniae Pink, fading to white, ~30"

                        Plant deep, avoid drought - Bulb  †19

097    WIL    Lilium, Oriental Hyb.ex ‘Barbaresco

                      Dark burgundy flower - Bulb  †19

098    WIL    Lilium, Oriental Hybrid, white/yellow stripe

                      Tall - Bulb  †19

099    WIL    Magnolia loebneri hyb. ex.’Ballerina’,                                     

                      white, mid-sized Tree †20

100    WIL    Magnolia loebneri hyb. ex.’Leonard Messel’,                        

                      pink, mid-sized Tree †20

101    CLA    Magnolia macrophyllum sp Asheii, huge leaves

                      and blooms - Tree  †20

102    WEA  Magnolia ‘Mazeppa’ o.p.    - Tree †20

                       ‘Mazeppa’ is a seedling of ‘Anne Ross’ OP

                      Grown by, named and registered by John

                      Weagle, likely pollinated by a nearby

                      M. soulangeana

103    COR    Magnolia sieboldii

                      (selfed) white with pink stamens, vigorous

                - Tree †20

104    WEA  Magnolia sieboldii ‘Colossus’, flowers are

                      large, often 5 to 6 inches in diameter with 10 to

                      17 heavy-textured tepals, and very fragrant.

                      The tree flowers profusely - Tree †20

105    WIL    Magnolia sieboldii ex Korean

                      (selfed) white with pink stamens, vigorous

                Long bloom period - Tree †20

106    SHA   Magnolia sieboldii ex cw Korea White with

                      pink stamens, vigorous. - Tree †20

107    EVE     Magnolia sieboldii ex Shannik cw korea                                 

                      white with pink stamens, vigorous - Tree †20

108    WEA  Magnolia sieboldii (Halifax Hardy), white with        

                      pink stamens - Tree  †20

109    WIL    Magnolia stellata, compact form, white bloom

                       -Tree  †20

110    COR    Magnolia stellata , bushy shrub with many

                multi-petalled fragrant white flowers

                in early to mid-spring -Tree  †20

111    COR    (Magnolia stellata rosea x ‘Leonard Messel’)

          bushy shrub or small tree; many petalled pale pink flowers in spring -Tree  †20

112    WIL    Magnolia tripetala, large leaved, exotic

                      appearance, upright form, ivory bloom

                      - Tree  †20

113    CLA    Magnolia virginianum, creamy white flowers,

                      vanilla scented. Shiny foliage, may be

                      evergreen in mild climates. ~30Ft.   - Tree †20

114    SHA   Menziesia ciliicalyx (dwarf form)

                      pink urn-shaped flowers, 24"

                      - Ericaceous shrub

114a   SHA   Menziesia  hyb. ‘Spring Morning’  -[ciliicalyx

                      'Buchanan's Dwarf' x ferruginea (blue leaf

                      form)] - peach-pink - Shrub (114a at end of order form)

115    STE     Nicandra physalodes, Shoo-fly plant - Annual

116   STE      Physostegia virginiana, Obedient Plant, White

                      - Perennial

117    WIL    Pieris japonica, ‘Dorothy Wycoff’ Compact

                      pink variety. - Shrub

118    COR    Pieris japonica, ‘Valley Valentine’ Upright                             

                      plant, deep pink bloom - Shrub   

119    WIL    Pterocarya stenoptera (Wingnut Tree)                                    

                      compound leaves, attractive bark - Tree

120    SHA   Scilla scilloides - spikes of fluffy pink flowers                         

                      in summer, 12-16" - Bulb              

121    WEA  Soldanella alpina, blue-violet rock garden plant

                      <6”  - Per

122    WEA  Sorbus americana c.w. Outer Cove, NL one of

                      the best Sorbus species, with clusters of berries

                      8" across.  - Small tree  †21

123    SHA   Styrax japonicus (Japanese Snowbell) - Tree


124    SHA   Vaccinium praestens - suckering groundcover

                      with large red berries, 4" - Sub-Shrub

125    WEA  Viburnum betulifolium, spectacular red fruit,

                      appears to be self-fertile - Shrub  †22

126    WIL    Wisteria floribunda ‘Lawrence’, blue-violet

                      flowers, vigorous vine. Seems to bloom at a

                      young age. Hardy in Antigonish  - Vine




Rhododendron Species - Open-Pollinated  - $1.50


127    OST    R. dauricum album, white form, early

                      semi-deciduous species

128    OST    R. luteum     

129    OST    R. minus, Carolinianum Grp.

130    OST    R. pachysanthum (Greer), early, attractive

                      foliage and new growth

131    OST    R. yakushimanum

132    OST    R. yakushimanum, Ostrum’s form with brown



Azalea Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50


133    OST    ‘Goldflake’ F2 Bayport

134    OST    ‘Vineland Sensation’ OP


Rhododendron Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated -$2.00


135    LOO    ‘Bob Sutherland†24 x (V- 6609 †25 x ‘Fiery

                      Orange’)  (pollen parent pic)

136    LOO    {‘Capistrano’ x [‘Bambi’ x

                      (yak x proteoides)]} †3  x ‘Tantramar’ †26

137    LOO    ‘Delps Stardust’ 27 x ‘Earl Cordy’ 28

138    LOO    ‘Janet Blair’ x ‘Casanova’

139    LOO    ‘Janet Blair’ x ‘Linda Jean†29

140    LOO    (R. maximum x R. calophytum) x

                      R. sutchenense var. Giraldii †30

141    LOO    ‘Queen Anne’s’ x “Smir-fort”                     

142    LOO    (‘R.O.Delp’ x ‘Delps Sunsheen’) x (V-6609 x

                      ‘Fiery Orange’)

143    LOO    (V-6510-1 †31 x ‘Nelda Peach’) x

                      {[‘R.O. Delp’ x (‘Weston’s Hardy Yellow’

                      x ‘Golden Star’)] x ‘Capistrano’)}  (seed parent pic) (pollen parent pic)



Companion Plants - Open-Pollinated - $1.50

Please enter these numbers manually in the space

provided for alternate choices

144    BUT    Fraxinus nigra (Black Ash), native tree                                   

                      somewhat scarce  many places   - Tree

145    BUT    Lavatera trimestris ‘Silver Cup’  , OP

                      Selected from quite frost hardy - Annual

146    BUT    Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip Tree)

                        Well-shaped tree, gets large -Tree




†1.           R. tomentosum, a species from Ledum subsection, cw from Turku Archipelago, Finland.     

†2.           R. hypoleucum, Ledum subsection, plant from ARS 87/2004

†3.           ‘Helsinki University’ is a super hardy Finnish hybrid with pink flowers.

†4.           R. fortunei ‘Best Form’, aka ‘German Form’, found from Hobbie Rhododendronpark.

†5.           ‘Goldprinz’ syn. ‘Goldschatz’, good yellow,   (‘Festivo’ x ‘Alice Street’), cross by H. Hachmann.

†6.           ‘Nancy Steele’, formerly BPT#80-5, yellow

†7.           ‘Mikkeli’ aka ‘St. Michel’ is a hardy Finnish   hybrid.

†8.           ‘Böhmen’ is pretty hardy and probably a form of dichroanthum ssp. scyphocalyx.

Selfing should      give variation as the orange flowered ‘Böhmen’ is a suspected hybrid.

†9.           ‘Cherry Kiss’, one of the best hardy reds from Hachmann

†10.         ‘Goldsworth Orange’, dichroanthum x fortunei ssp. discolor, cross by W.C. Slocock.

†11.         ‘Barbara Cook’ = ‘Mary Belle’ x ‘Goldsworth Yellow’

12.       ARS97#671, ’Cat’s Pajamas’ (Delp) x {Janet Blair x [( wardii x hemsleyanum) x Autumn Gold] #1/95}

†13.         (R. tomentosum x R. groenlandicum), a very floriferous cross between two tetraploid Ledum species.             

†14.         R. tomentosum x R. diversipilosum ‘Milky Way’, a vigorously growing and well flowering Ledum cross.

†15.         Cornus seed has been stratified. Store in fridge in plastic packet as received until                                                

                March/April then sow in warm soil.

†16.         Diphylleia cymosa, seed has been stratified. Store in fridge in plastic packet as received until March/April then sow in warm soil.               

†17.         Hellebore seed may take 6-18 months (or more) to germinate; however, if you start with fresh seed and sow it soon after harvest, then your chances of achieving high germination percentages are quite good. For example, sowing fresh seed in damp media at room temperature for eight weeks followed by a cool period in the refrigerator for another eight weeks or so will yield good results.

                We shall try to ship “treated” seed.                

†18.         Hippophae rhamnoides, seed has been stratified. Store in fridge in plastic packet as received until March/April then sow in warm soil.

†19.         Lilium seeds may require a warm/ moist period followed by a cold period if there is no germination. Plant cold treated pots outside in spring.

†20.         Magnolia seed has been stratified. Store in fridge in plastic packet as received until March/April then sow in warm soil.             

†21.         Seed has been stratified. Store in fridge in plastic packet as received until March/April then sow in warm soil.               

†22.         Viburnum betulifolium, seed has been stratified. Store in fridge in plastic packet as received until March/April then sow in warm soil.        

†23.         cp = Controlled Pollination, where stigmas have been protected before and after pollination.

†24.         ‘Bob Sutherland’ = ‘R.O. Delp’ X (‘Westons Hardy Yellow’ x ‘Golden Star’)

†25.         V-6609 = sister seedling to ‘Vinemount’, ( rose- orange ) very hardy

†26.         ‘Tantramar’ = ‘Catalgla’ x ‘Treasure’

†27.         Delp’s Stardust’ = ‘R.O. Delp’ x ‘Golden Star’

†29.         V-6609 = sister seedling to ‘Vinemount’, ( rose- orange ) very hardy

†28.         Earl Cordy’ = ( “catfortcampy” x ‘Mary Garrison’) x ‘Rio’, Peachy-Orange

†29.         ‘Linda Jean’ = ‘Jasper’ x’ Blaze’, Orange-Yellow, very hardy

†30.         R. sutchenense pollen donated by Jens Birck

†31.         V-6510-1 = ‘Labars White’ x  (R. fortunei x R. croceum

†32.        {‘Capistrano’ x[‘Bambi’ x   (yak x proteoides)]}  image






1.       Open-pollinated species, with the exception of a very few, may not come true from seed. Cultivars, with the exception of a few perennials do not come true. Plants from these seeds should be labelled as being “ex” that species or cultivar.

2.      The 2012 Seed List will be posted on the Internet with insertion of images and links to help in your decision-making.


           Follow the links for ARHS Seed Exchange.

           A link to the list will be inserted on the Atlantic Rhodo site.

3.       Also see the ARHS website for an article on growing rhododendrons from seed.

4.       When sowing rhododendrons on peat we recommend you sterilize it first. Microwave it for 15 minutes or pour boiling water through it several times. Allow to cool.

5.       We would like to thank the seed donors for their time and effort making crosses, collecting and cleaning seeds.

          We highly encourage members to attempt their own hybridization of rhododendrons.

          Seed of uncommon trees, shrubs and perennials is always most welcome.



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